Midnight at the Oasis

April 22, 2012

In which the party shows up to class naked

The party discusses what it wants to do with the Arrow of Heironeous — merge Samarthia with Athas, or destroy the plane. The party is nearly unanimous in merging the plane with Athas, save Alanna, who convinces most of the rest of the party to destroy the plane instead to cover their tracks. While the party debates what to do, Serge grabs the Arrow and sneaks away to the Congress of Eyes. The beholders are greatly reduced in number (down to about five or six) while their gith forces are similarly reduced. The Congress tells Serge that they’re willing to send the party back home, once Samarthia is destroyed.

The beholder telekinetically sticks the Arrow into a metallic orb glowing with green energy, and the plane begins to fold in on itself — as it’s not very big to begin with, it progressively shrinks in size, while the remaining angels and salamanders pop out of existence. Leoben yells to the party “See you in Eberron!” before he teleports away from Samarthia. Soon the entire plane collapses into just the one room the party is in, then shrinks even further.

Serge’s dream

The party comes to in the city of Tyr, only things are not as they should be. The skies above are filled with black clouds pouring down rain, and all the buildings are abandoned and overgrown with vegetation. There are few tracks around, and after some careful searching, the party finds bodies of every kind — slave, templar, soldier, man, woman, child. The party decides to take a rest, as Serge’s dead mentor, Talos, appears. He announces that they’ve won! They’ve destroyed all magic and killed all magic-users, and nature has reclaimed the world. Serge is suspicious, but wonders some about how long they’ve been gone — could they be far into the future? When Gerxis asks how Talos destroyed magic, Talos begins to speak a gibberish language. Serge wonders if he’s in a dream, and attacks Talos, and a fight ensues.

Gerxis’ dream

The party finds itself in a primal, healthy forest. Each party member is an animal; Gerxis is a bear, Serge is a falcon, Alanna is an owl, Mardukai is a small rhino, Fortari is a fox, Flik is a snake, and Kaddim-sul is a badger. The party explores their new surroundings and realizes, correctly, that they’re in each other’s dreams. A breeze picks up, turning into a fierce wind, kicking up leaves and logs and trees. The whirling debris forms a gigantic mouth, which utters in a gutteral growl, " Gnaw is coming."

Fortari’s dream

The party is at a fancy party, with music playing, poetry being read aloud, fine food, and dancing. Alanna and Serge find themselves human, while Fortari, Flik, Mardukai, and Gerxis are now well-dressed elves (and Kaddim-sul a dwarf). Many nobles and Balicans are there, including even Iphitus and Andropinis, sorceror-king of Balic. A woman approaches Fortari to dance; as soon as they get on the floor, she turns into a shadowy creature and attacks the party.

Alanna’s dream

The party finds themselves all elves (and Serge is a different elf); only Alanna is herself. They find themselves in a desert canyon with a caravan having set up camp, Alanna recognizing it as a place her family hid from the sorceror-kings at one point when she was a child. It’s dusk, and no one is around, but all their things are there — Alanna recognizes the wagons of some of her childhood friends and neighbors, and even finds some of her childhood toys. As the party examines the camp, her parents’ tent begins to glow with magical energy, and she hears ritual chants inside. Unsure of what to do, she decides to burn the tent down. Inside, she finds her parents’ corpses, with injuries matching how she found them at her deaths, and Dalworth standing inside, asking “I’m sorry. Can you break the cycle? Can you make everything right?” He then turns into the same shadow creature from Fortari’s dream and attacks.

Mardukai’s dream

The party finds itself in Urik, in the Golden Palace of sorceror-king Hamanu. Mardukai recognizes it from his templar training days, and sees many of his fellow templars there, albeit younger. An older lecturer is reading of Hamanu’s great deed, and then the king himself shows up and begins dressing down the templar recruits. When he gets to Mardukai, he laughs and asks if Mardukai actually believes he’s free, believes that Mardukai still doesn’t see him and control him and know his every thought. He then turns into the shadow monster and attacks.

Kaddim-sul’s dream

The party can barely remember Kaddim-sul’s dream, a swirling mass of fire, air, earth, water, and more in the Elemental Chaos, as belies his half-elemental nature.

Flik’s dream

The party finds themselves all in rags, chained together, as part of a slave caravan, being whipped by templars. They are hauled into a slave pen and made to stand at attention as slavers look them over for purchase. Finally, Flik himself studies the “merchandise.” When he gets to himself, he smiles and stabs his “real” counterpart with his dragon’s paw. He then turns into the shadow monster and attacks.


The party wakes up in a cave, none the worse for wear, all back to normal. They go outside and see mountains and foothills; Serge deduced they are in the foothills of the Ringing Mountains, near the dwarven settlement of Kled. The party heads down to the settlement to figure out their next move.



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