Midnight at the Oasis

December 4, 2011

In which the party flies the only way to fly

The party thoroughly searches the Balican Temple of Heroes secret library for translation books, stuffing the books into Fortari‘s enchanted pockets. Redhorn starts casting the ritual scroll to teleport the party out, as the genasi praetor and several guards finally storm the library. The party holds off the guards, but the genasi disrupts Redhorn’s casting just as the ritual is completing, teleporting the party to parts unknown.

Fortari and the party wake up in a rocky canyon (sans Redhorn, who was presumably left behind); Serge finds an empty cave for the party to hide in while Fortari works on translating the mirror’s runes. Serge performs some recon work and finds the party is now near the Dragon’s Bowl, a 70-mile-wide crater in the north near Urik and Raam — hundreds of miles away from Balic.

After a few days, Fortari translates the runes: Samarthia, a famed lost city in the Bowl that no one has ever located or returned from. The party forages for food and debates where to go, finally deciding on the Silver Spring Oasis to pick up supplies, a three-day walk by road (so as to stay away from the sorceror-kings’ agents).

On the way to Silver Spring, the party hears someone yelling “Help help,” and some of them decide (against the more cautious party members’ warnings) to check it out. A group of bandits surrounds the party, and they ask who the party serves. After ascertaining the party isn’t agents of one of the sorceror-kings, the bandit leader, a half-elf named Dalworth, lead them back to a cave for shelter and supplies.

Inside, Dalworth shows that the bandits have captured a shadow bride of Nibenay to interrogate for information about incoming slave caravans. Gerxis helps interrogate the templar, using some rather dark imagery to convince her to provide information in exchange for letting her flee. As the party and the bandits rest for the night, Dalworth speaks with Gerxis while on guard duty, explaining his bandit group is made up of freed slaves, as he’s trying to right his life after a mercenary life of violence, including helping hunt down and kill an extended family of elves. Alanna, while trancing overnight, hears this, and realizes Dalworth might have helped kill her extended family.



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