Midnight at the Oasis

January 8, 2012

In which the party stages an ambush

Dalworth leads the party to plan an ambush on a passing slave caravan, using the information they gleaned from their captured Shadow Bride. Setting up shop in a canyon, Dalworth’s people knock over a stone pillar to block off the road and scatters to swarm in when the caravan stops.

The caravan arrives, a large group of Nibenese guards carrying two inix-pulled carts of slaves and one cart carrying four Shadow Brides, as well as a group of aarakocra scouts. The party ambushes the caravan, with Alanna unleashing a fire spell on the templars and Serge helping pick off the guards while Dalworth and his people attack the guards, and Flik and Mardukai move into action to bust open the slave carts.

The aarakocra quickly take wing, poisoning and dive bombing most of the party, but with the aid of Gerxis’ spirit companion, Mardukai and Flik bust open the carts while Alanna and Serge begin covering their retreat. The Shadow Brides begin chanting around a magical rod, beginning a short ritual, indicating the party’s time to leave. The party takes out a few more of the aarakocra before the ritual is completed — summoning a horde of demons.

The party leads the 30 freed dwarf and mul slaves to freedom, but the demons and surviving aarakocra harass the escapees on their way out of the canyon, leaving only 20 survivors. When the group returns back to Dalworth’s cave, they find Kaddim-sul knocked unconscious and the captive Shadow Bride having escaped.



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