Midnight at the Oasis

May 20, 2012

In which the party makes friends and influences people

The party gets acclimated in Tyr, searching for places to spend their hard-earned gold from Samarthia. Shedinn, hoping to prove himself to the rest of the party, goes to the former slave pit and fights as a gladiator; however, the others never show up to see him. Mardukai continues to give Shedinn a hard time and says he doesn’t trust him; they come to blows in the alley behind the Golden Inix, the inn they’re staying in, with Shedinn quickly and easily knocking Mardukai into the dust. Having established bonds of friendship, the party comes clean with its secrets — they’ve got an artifact (the Arrow of Heironeous) that can help kill the sorceror-kings, and Shedinn shows that he’s a changeling who lives as a dragonborn.

In the middle of the night, the party is awakened by a group of mages who have snuck into their rooms. They explain that they’re members of the Veiled Alliance and Fortari told them about the Arrow, which they’ve come to collect and study; they don’t trust the party yet, and aren’t sure they’re not spies. The two groups nearly come to bows before finally reaching an accord, but not before Serge secrets the Arrow away.

The party is taken to the Golden Tower, the center of government in Tyr. There they meet with Sadira, one of the leaders of the Veiled Alliance in Tyr, who explains their position — since the Veiled Alliance and ex-templars killed Kalak and freed the city’s slaves, the city has been besieged with problems, and the Alliance had no way of knowing whether the party was enemy provocateurs or the Arrow was a trap. While Serge retrieves the Arrow, they explain some of the problems Tyr faces — wells poisoned (though the light, persistent rainfall makes up for that somewhat), fighting in the streets, some former slaves are leading insurrections, enemy spies are everywhere, and someone has been killing former templars every night the past four days.

Shedinn returns to the former slave pits to look into the insurrections, but doesn’t find much information. Gerxis, Mardukai and Serge investigate one of the poisoned wells — which had been sealed off with a boulder — and find that it’s been tainted with floating mantle poison, a powerful paralytic agent. They track down someone who sells it, hoping to find more clues. Alanna stays in the Golden Tower, researching the Arrow in Kalak’s well-stocked library — she finally finds a volume on Heironeous and Hextor, which reveals that the Arrow is an “instrument of justice.” The Arrow allows one person to trade their life to “give someone a second chance” and “erase the crimes they’ve committed.”



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