Midnight at the Oasis

May 6, 2012

In which the party wanders the desert for 7 days and 7 nights

The party finds itself near the dwarven settlement of Kled, a mining operation built around a partially excavated fortress. Kaddim-sul and Flik wander off. Shedinn, a wandering dragonborn merchant, learns his stock has been stolen; after he finds the culprit, he decides he needs some security and says he’ll travel with the party and offers a reward if they help him.

A halfling trader, Shamsi, comes to Kled with a group of dragonborn mercenaries, selling rocks and claiming they have curative magical powers. Alanna recognizes that the rocks are actually elemental fire bombs that respond to a psionic trigger. The party figures Shamsi knows more than he’s saying, but decide to put off taking action for now in favor of traveling to Tyr and contacting the Veiled Alliance, now that they have the Arrow of Heironeous.

The party travels through the desert for five days before they find the road to Tyr, and rides the rest of the way with a dwarven caravan. Shedinn and Serge bribe the templar guard to let them into the city; Alanna proposes Shedinn stay with the party, as he’s got a way with words. While the party checks out the Merchant District, Shedinn rents rooms at a nice inn, the Golden Inix, and makes friends with Rowan, the owner, who offers to act as concierge for the party.



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