Arkadi (Redhorn)

Tiefling member of the Veiled Alliance


By day, Arkadi is a simple tiefling messenger for Darius, a Balican patrician (landowning noble and legislative representative). In truth, however, he is a secret member of the Veiled Alliance who uses his mobility about the city to aid the cause and gather information, mostly operating out of a slum owned by a small group of tieflings, and using the pseudonym “Redhorn” and some simple disguises to avoid notice.

An arcane spellcaster who neither spent long hours studying as a wizard nor possesses inborn power as a sorceror, Arkadi’s power derives from another, less savory source — a pact. Arkadi’s magic derives from the deep underground and the dark recesses of the Silt Sea, and he wields a terrible shadow scourge as a hexblade. What price he must pay for such unusual power is unknown, but small scars on his head hint at a terrible fate in store for him.

The Balican praetors recently captured him and, not knowing who he was, attempted to sell him as a slave at the Slave Auction, hoping to use him to lure out additional members of the Veiled Alliance. However, the party successfully rescued him and foiled the sting. However, Arkadi had valuable information to provide to another Veiled Alliance member, Fortari: As Fortari intended to sneak into the Temple of Heroes in order to translate the runes seen in the spying mirror, Arkadi has secret knowledge of the civic center’s hidden defenses.

Redhorn helps the party find the secret library in the Temple of Heroes, along with Fortari. He is responsible for much of the planning, using a Deep Pockets ritual to enable Fortari to smuggle the party’s gear inside, and bringing a teleportation scroll to help the party escape once they find the books they need. However, after the party found the books it was looking for, the library was stormed by praetors. Redhorn’s ritual casting was disrupted, teleporting Fortari and the party across the world to near the Dragon’s Bowl, and leaving Redhorn behind.

Arkadi (Redhorn)

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