half-elf bandit


Dalworth leads a small group of bandits, freeing slaves along the Road of Kings. His band is made up entirely of freed slaves from Urik, Raam, and Nibenay, who are all loyal to him. He’s an excellent tracker and survivalist, and he’s always able to find the best ambush spots, as well as caves for use as temporary shelters. However, he’s not above using torture to get what he wants, occasionally taking a templar or guard hostage to gain information on upcoming slave caravans passing along the road.

Dalworth has hinted that he used to be a mercenary of tremendous cruelty and violence, killing the enemies of the rich and powerful for gold. He also has intimated that he once worked with a group to exterminate an entire extended family of elves.

The party helped him raid a slave caravan from Nibenay. He grew suspicious of Alanna, who kept giving him hostile glances. He finally confronted her, asking if she was an assassin, and she accused him of having killed her family, which he did not deny. He said he felt guilty about it, and provided information about his confederates, but challenged that she had just as much blood on her hands, and her parents probably had to do difficult things to survive as well. Unable to decide what to do, Alanna hesitated while Serge slit Dalworth’s throat. Alanna stabilized Dalworth, but left him with a painful scar and damaged vocal cords before the party went on their way to the Dragon’s Bowl.


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