mul druid, guardian of Lake Pit


Enora is a powerful mul druid who guards Lake Pit, one of the largest, cleanest bodies of water on Athas. Her influence is strong enough (and the paths into the Dragon’s Bowl treacherous enough) that none of the sorceror-kings have been willing to challenge her.

However, Enora is neither benevolent nor forgiving: She commands a small army of vermin and elementals, and swarms of insects follow her wherever she goes. She is utterly merciless about annihilating those unfortunates who would despoil her sacred land, and she often turns a cold shoulder to those in need. The few who have encountered her and survived surmise that she is a vermin lord, and she is using unnatural means to extend her life — despite being in her 80s, she doesn’t look a day over 30.

Enora greets the party with a group of ankhegs and insects as soon as they arrived in the Dragon’s Bowl. Following tense negotiations, she agrees to lead the party to the lost city of Samarthia — and tells them that they’ll need the tears of an innocent person to get there — but exacts as her price years off of Mardukai’s life, aging him 20 years.



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