Balican noble, Veiled Alliance operative


Born to Balican nobility, Fortari’s family was killed by Urikite assassins when he was young. He went to live with other relations for a few years until he came of age and reclaimed his parents’ estate in the Villa District of Balic.

Fortari has a gift for the arts, and he has written several plays and productions glorifying his home city, among them “The Rise of Balic,” “The Death of a Templar,” “The Verdant Isle,” and “The Balican and The Gulgan.” He is well known as a playwright who has the utmost devotion to his home, and he enjoys the patronage of his fellow nobles; he is prone to flattery, and assumes everyone has heard of him.

In secret, however, Fortari is a preserver and a member of the Veiled Alliance. At a young age, he discovered he had some command over the elements and was capable of magical defiling. Recognizing the responsibility he has been entrusted with, however, he refuses to defile and realizes how he can use his influence and position to help other preservers.

Now, Fortari leads a small cell of preservers, and he takes seriously his mission to overthrow Andropinis. He is the sole owner of his family’s estate in Balic, where he maintains few servants, aside from his minotaur aide.

Fortari devises the plan to sneak into the secret library in the Temple of Heroes, and personally leads the party inside. With a Deep Pockets ritual cast on his clothing, he’s able to sneak the party’s gear inside, as well as loot the barracks’ treasure chests and the books once they get to the library. However, Redhorn’s teleportation ritual goes awry when guards storm the library, teleporting Fortari and the party clear across Athas to near the Dragon’s Bowl.

When the party holes up in a cave for a few days, Fortari is able to finally translate the runes in the mirror: Samarthia, the name of a lost city in the Bowl that no one has ever found. As the party travels in search of supplies and information, Fortari proves he’s quite out of his element when it comes to survival and facing ambushes. Still, the chance to see a lost city for himself is too much to dissuade him, much to the party’s annoyance.

Fortari follows the party into the Dragon’s Bowl, and travels with them to the glyph that will take them to Samarthia. Enora, the guardian druid of the Bowl, tells the party that only the tears of an innocent person, poured on the glyph, can activate it; Fortari later reveals that he’s never killed anyone, and Flik guesses that his tears will activate the glyph. He is proved correct when Fortari’s tears open the portal.


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