Former Grak's Pool guard


Born in Tyr, Iphitus set out to make his way in the world and eventually found himself at Grak’s Pool, where he became a guard. After a few months of duty, when hejkins attacked the oasis, he killed two other guards, broke into the treasury, and stole a spying mirror from Grak. He ran off into the desert, looking to eventually make his way to the road and sell the mirror himself, but while hiding in a cave, he was overpowered by a silk wyrm before being rescued by the party.

He told the party he’d been hired by a Balican noble named Fortari, who specifically wanted the mirror. The party decided not to kill him, and he led them to a dwarven schooner, which took them to Balic. He is currently staying with them in Balic, and has met up with his employer, who turns out to be a member of the Veiled Alliance.


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