mithril dragon sage


A mithril dragon of indeterminate age, Leoben lives on the divine demiplane of Samarthia. As with all mithril dragons, Leoben is able to see into the future. He primarily uses this power for his amusement, but as Samarthia is home to a three-way war between angels, salamanders, and the beholder Congress of Eyes, he provides counsel as he sees fit — which is to say, not often. A long life of knowing the future has made Leoben somewhat jaded, and as such he tends to use his prophetic abilities as something of a jackass.

Living in the city’s reservoir, Leoben encounters the party not long after their arrival. He points them somewhat in the right direction — confirming that they are in Samarthia, and saying once they find what they’re looking for, he’ll tell them how it works, as well as answer one question apiece from them — about anything in life, the universe, everything.

Leoben has said that he’s foreseen his own death — a heart attack while with two female mithril dragons. Given the prodigious size of dragon hearts, the level of activity would be… really, it’s best not to think about.

Leoben flees Samarthia when the party destroys it, yelling out “See you in Eberron!” before he teleports away.


Leoben is named after the Cylon who claimed to have prophetic visions in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica.


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