ex-templar of Urik


Shuqa is a former templar of Urik. The child of a noble family, she was recruited by the sorceror-king’s Hamanu at an early age. She excelled in the arcane arts and soon donned the yellow cloak of the templar, enforcing the will of Hamanu and commanding the king’s legions in their dominion of the surrounding territory.

Shuqa grew to despise the sorceror-king’s excesses and began covertly meeting with like-minded templars who were disgusted with Hamanu’s heavy-handed rule, wanting nothing less than to wipe Hamanu and his forces off the face of Athas. Shortly after Mardukai fled the templar corps, they deserted the templars. Shedding their roles as protectors and commanders, Shuqa and her compatriots began striking back at Urik, killing their templars wherever they could find them.

Shuqa came in Balic and encountered Mardukai, sharing that she also had deserted Urik and warning that an elf templar, Feravel, was in the city as a spy for Hamanu. She convinced Mardukai to kill him, then turned on him herself. Mardukai was able to subdue her; however, she escaped before he could decide how to deal with her.


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