King of Tyr


The former high templar of Kalak, sorceror-king of Tyr, Tithian followed his conscience and allied with the Veiled Alliance to overthrow his tyrant on the eve of the king’s ascension to godhood (which would have sacrificed every living being in the city).

Tithian has since taken his former master’s throne, serving as a benevolent but pragmatic king. He has renounced defiling and outlawed slavery in Tyr, and using those ex-templars who follow him to help administrate and run the city. However, the city is plagued by problems, as various factions compete for control of the city and foreign powers search for ways to undermine Tyr’s freedom.

Tithian is a tall, lean man in his late 50s with a thin, wiry face. While Tithian is perceptive and has good intentions, he also rose to the rank of High Templar in the first place with good reason — he can be cold and merciless, and he often has little stomach for diplomacy. As such, relations between him and the Veiled Alliance are often strained.



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