Spying mirror


A spying mirror is a magical item; typically, they come in pairs, and each one can see through the other as though they were windows.

Grak came into possession of one (about hand-held size), which was stolen by Iphitus, one of his guards. The party recovered the mirror, finding it revealed an ancient room, lined with gold and containing several golden items. On the wall of this treasure room are runes which presumably reveal the room’s location; Grak had been trying to find someone to translate them to mount a treasure expedition. Iphitus knew it was valuable and intended to sell it in one of the city-states. Sanozar, a shady merchant for House Vorlon, also expressed an interest in possessing the mirror for himself.

The party is currently in possession of the mirror. Fortari translated the runes after stealing forbidden books from Balic, revealing it shows a treasure room in Samarthia, a lost city in the Dragon’s Bowl.


Spying mirror

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