48The sorceror-king of Balic, Andropinis is a powerful wizard and psion. He appears as a wise old man in fine noble regalia, but his is one of the deadliest minds in Athas. He is a master of manipulation, and his power runs deep. There is little that goes on in Balic that he does not know.

Andropinis fashions himself a statesman and is responsible for Balic’s democratic structure. He claims to have been elected dictator in a free election over three hundred years ago. Because of him, Balic is orderly, clean, and well-defended; the bulk of civic decisions are made by Andropinis himself, occasionally throwing a bone to his senate or executing an unpopular praetor to keep the populace happy. His center of power is the Praetorium, the administrative center of the city.

Andropinis is also a master of debate; it’s because of him that the city has relatively loose free speech laws (though those who dissent with the sorceror-king would be advised not to do so publicly). He’s even been known to participate in public debates himself, though there are none who can best his rhetoric. Many suspect his silver tongue is magically aided, but none can say for certain; Andropinis has had centuries to refine his beliefs.

When the party sneaks into the hidden underlevels of the Temple of Heroes, they find an impressive map apparatus that Andropinis uses to spy on most of Athas, which also reveals that Andropinis is actually currently in the Astral Sea with an expedition group of templars. The underlevels also house a crypt holding many of Balic’s past heroes; a magic item workshop; a portal circle room; a templar barracks; and a secret library.


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