Congress of Eyes

The Congress of Eyes is a group of beholders from the Far Realm that somehow made their way to the demiplane of Samarthia. Fascinated by this whole “reality” thing, they’ve been skirmishing with the entrenched angels and salamanders for some time, but their goals are inscrutable.

The beholders are served by a cadre of gith who have been specially bred to be blank slates; the Congress maintains a psionic gestalt that contains several different personalities and skill sets, and beholders are able to force individual gith to assume different characteristics as required. As such, the gith have proven extremely versatile in combat.

The Congress also is responsible for the sickly purple vines that have spread out all across Samarthia. Presumably the vines begin at wherever the Congress is headquartered, but no one knows where that is, and those that have tried to find out have been forcefully repelled.

Unlike the angels and salamanders, which spontaneously resurrect some time after their deaths, the beholders and gith can die; however, their numbers do not appear to have decreased much in the time they’ve been on Samarthia.

Congress of Eyes

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