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  • Balic — a wealthy merchant-state with pretensions of democracy, ruled by Andropinis
  • Draj — a violent, backwater nation of warriors and raiders, ruled by Tectuktitlay
  • The Forest Ridge — the last untapped wilderness in the world, home of cannibal halflings and many other dangers
  • Gulg — a cluster of forest villages, ruled by Lalali-puy
  • Nibenay — a decadent city-state, ruled by Shadow King Nibenay
  • Raam — a corrupt city in a constant state of upheaval, loosely ruled by Abalach-Re
  • The Ringing Mountains — a towering mountain range separating the Forest Ridge from the rest of Athas
  • The Sea of Silt — a great dust sink of loose silt requiring silt skimmers to traverse
  • Tyr — city recently freed by the death of its sorceror-king, Kalak
  • Urik — an orderly, militaristic city, ruled by Hamanu

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