Militaristic reptilian creatures imbued with elemental fire, salamanders were created by the psionic master Hextor as an expression of military might and tyranny in the demiplane of Samarthia.

Salamanders live in a rigid caste society with nobles serving as commanders and the rest serving as infantry or artillery; typically, the way to become a noble is by killing one of the current nobles. As the divine power of Hextor and Heironeous causes the native angels and salamanders to spontaneously resurrect days or weeks after death, salamanders who are killed reincarnate back into the larger, lower caste.

Salamanders also command legions of azers, formerly dwarf followers of Hextor who followed him into Samarthia and were charged with elemental fire. There is a seemingly limitless supply of azers, who serve as foot soldiers and are all mute. Salamanders think nothing of throwing away the lives of azers to achieve a larger military goal.

Despite their militaristic society, salamanders are genuinely curious, inquisitive, and otherwise honorable — they rarely attack without gathering intelligence first, they prefer honorable face-to-face combat to backstabbing, and unlike the angels, they are each individuals with their own likes and interests.

The salamanders are led by a powerful being known the Living Mountain. Their base of operations is the ruins of Hextor’s iron citadel, which collapsed eons ago; only two towers remain standing.


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