A lost city in the Dragon’s Bowl. The nature of the city is unknown; some say it’s an eladrin city hidden in the Lands Within the Wind, some say it’s a djinn or rakshasa city, some say it’s a surviving city from the Green Age. Many treasure hunters have sought it out, never to return.

The runes in the mirror have shown that the hidden treasure the party seeks is in Samarthia.

Following a trail of clues, and using a gigantic glyph that required the tears of the innocent to activate (which Fortari provided), the party eventually found its way to Samarthia, which turned out to be a psionically-created demiplane created by the psionic adepts Heironeous and Hextor. With its creators gone, the realm has devolved into a three-way war between Heironeous’ angels, Hextor’s salamanders, and an invading group of beholders called the Congress of Eyes, which have spread sickly purple vines across the city. It is also home to Leoben, a mithril dragon, though he is coy about how he got there.

Because Samarthia is a creation of pure will, it follows the rules set forth by its creators, which often override reality. The air is much cooler than Athas, the sky is always bright, and no one needs to eat or drink to survive. Further, distance is relative — to get somewhere else, choose where you want to go, and start walking. Even stranger, those that die on Samarthia spontaneously regenerate sometime later, but it’s not clear if this rule applies to everybody — while it is definitely true of the angels, salamanders, and their azer soldiers, beholders and gith that die appear to stay dead, as no one has seen any dead beholders.

Notable landmarks include Heironeous’ palace, which is still standing, and Hextor’s iron citadel, which has fallen into ruin.

The party tricked the angels, salamanders, and beholders into fighting each other while they raided Heironeous’ treasure vault and swiped the Arrow of Heironeous, which had the power to control the plane. The party allowed the Congress of Eyes to destroy the plane in order to be able to return to Athas. As such, the angels and salamanders were all destroyed.


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