For centuries, Tyr labored under the whip of its cruel sorceror-king, Kalak. However, about a month before the start of the campaign, Kalak was killed on the eve of a plan to use powerful defiling to drain the life from every citizen in Tyr and become like the Dragon of Tyr himself. He was killed by his high templar, Tithian, and members of the Veiled Alliance.

With its king’s death, Tyr has become a very different place. Tithian has assumed control of the city, and his first edict was to free all of the slaves. (And there are some who say King Tithian plans to become a sorceror-king himself.) Many groups scheme to succeed Kalak, and the city struggles to resist anarchy at the hands of citizens eager to enjoy their freedom. Merchant groups, nobles, commoners, templars, and many more vie for control of the city, and the other sorceror-kings, shaken by the news, have their own designs on Tyr.

Still, Tyr is now the Free City, and many here are able to enjoy freedoms otherwise unheard of in the other city-states. The Veiled Alliance is emboldened by their success here, and the templars have become more benevolent with their master’s death.

Tyr very well could be what the future holds for Athas, for better or worse.


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