Urik is a powerful city with a mighty military, bustling commerce, and an orderly system of governance. All live under Hamanu’s Code, a strict legislation of laws governing punishment, taxes, commerce, holidays, standards for family arrangements, and many more aspects of society. Crime is virtually nonexistent.

The city aspires to be a meritocracy; children are tested at a young age to determine their best vocation. Nobles are those who have distinguished themselves in Hamanu’s eyes; while some gain honor through politics, Hamanu has been known to award common-born citizens for their own merits.

Urik is famed for its military; its legions have never lost a war (as the recent ruins of the former city-state Yaramuke can attest), and its discipline is legendary.

Templars are the extensions of Hamanu’s will; they enforce his code, collect taxes, oversee slaves, lead soldiers, and search out enemies of the state. Templars have great power but little luxury, living under strong military discipline. High-ranking templars receive estates and noble titles, while lower-ranking ones enjoy few benefits. Furthermore, templars wear a distinctive yellow cloak to denote their station; no one else is allowed to wear such a garment.

Hamanu fancies himself the Lion of the Desert; lion paintings and statues are common throughout the city, and the only part of his compound (called Destiny’s Kingdom) open to the public is a church called the Temple of the Lion God, where citizens hear of the coming glories of Urik and the value of order.

The city is also famous for its pottery and obsidian mines, as well as its love of astronomy; many people love to stare at the stars, and horoscopes are common.


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