Veiled Alliance

The Veiled Alliance is the most significant resistance movement in Athas. Dedicated to protecting preservers and overthrowing the sorceror-kings, the Alliance is a decentralized underground organization that operates in small cells. The cells rarely communicate, and multiple cells in the same city do not often communicate or coordinate plans, the better to avoid bringing down the entire Alliance in the event of capture. Naturally, the sorceror-kings put a high priority on apprehending and eliminating Alliance cells.

About half of the members are arcane spellcasters, with the others working as support personnel. No one knows who began the Alliance or how long it has been in operation.

The most prominent Veiled Alliance stronghold is Tyr, as the Alliance aided the templar Tithian in overthrowing Kalak and freeing the city from his control. Members still observe some precautions, but the death of Kalak has been a huge boost to morale for Alliance cells across Athas.

Known members:
Fortari, leader of a cell on Balic
Redhorn, Balic operative

Veiled Alliance

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