Stone Brother

A powerful primal spirit of earth and stone, Stone Brother was imprisoned deep underground centuries ago by the Gulgan sorceror-queen Lalali-puy. He is trapped in a stone spire deep beneath Grak’s Pool, where he is tormented by an unquenchable flame.

The experience has driven him incurably insane, and his rage is powerful. Many who live underground claim to hear his bizarre whispers. Some hejkins are drawn to Stone Brother’s madness and worship him. His fiery rage is attributed to volcanic activity, such as at the Smoking Crown, but whether this is true or not is a matter of conjecture.

The party found that a druidic order used to follow Stone Brother centuries ago at the site of Grak’s Pool and tried without success to free him. The last shaman, who inadvertently became undead in his devotion to his oath, drove the nearby hejkins into a murderous frenzy when he miscast a ritual, causing them to attack the surface. The party slew the shaman, and Alanna, touching the spirit’s exposed form, managed to withstand the fiery torment and absorb a small bit of Stone Brother’s power.

If Stone Brother were to be freed, he would certainly turn his rage upon the sorceror-kings (Lalali-puy in particular), but he is still incurably insane and would remain a threat to all who live.

Stone Brother

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